About Us

Our trajectory

Caffeine Army means more than a brand; we are a united and unstoppable community. A community that shares the same incessant desire to evolve 1% every day. We believe in transforming lifestyle into purpose, with the desire to carry forward the change that a routine of health, well-being, and high performance can bring.

In 2016, thinking about the market's needs, we gathered everything we believed was necessary to provide a clean physical and cognitive boost for people like us - who need to be ready for everything, always.

Then, in 2018, we launched the first version of Smart Energy Coffee and established ourselves as pioneers and creators of a brand-new segment. From our community's feedback came new ingredients, formats, and flavors. After four years in the Brazilian market, with 70+ NPS and a loyal community of over 500 thousand energized customers, we are proud of our trajectory thus far.

But we won't stop there; we will continue improving, always searching for new ways to challenge the status quo. 

Our manifesto

The only thing that separates you from your best version is having the energy to be you to the fullest.

And energy in the right measure is all we need to continue. All day, every day. Mind and body in one place, with balance to be your best version. For us, every day is important. The journey is made of big and small moments. And moments with vitality are movements.

Energy generates movement. Movement generates accomplishments. Accomplishments generates well-being.

Caffeine Army is Smart Energy: powerful, natural, unwavering energy. We invite you to embark with us on this new challenge. We are still restless, reinventing ourselves to make our brand a milestone. We continue to unite purposes and nurture a global community that lives and reverberates a high-performance lifestyle, emanating balance, health and well-being at every moment of your life. #BeUnstoppable